Dear Violet…

Baby, it’s official- you kicked your mama in the ribs for the very first time today! Are you really that big already? Two nights ago, you kicked your dad right in the face while he was laying on my belly. You should have seen the look on his face. It was priceless. Ooh, and last night I’m pretty sure I felt your elbow poking through while you danced around after dinner. I hope you’re having fun in there!

Your dad and I can’t believe we only have 101 days left until your due date. These last few months have completely flown by. It’s fun to think that we’ve already taken you so many places- from San Francisco to visit your Grandma Debra & Grandpa Chris, to Sacramento for Jake & Disa’s wedding, to Idaho to visit your Grandma Cindy & Grandpa Cliff, to Japan for our first wedding anniversary. You are one well traveled fetus!

Don’t worry, we’ll take you lots of neat places once you get here, too. Our first big trip is already in the works. Your Grandma Cindy wants to celebrate your first birthday in Vancouver, British Columbia, which is such a beautiful place. I better start researching how to get you your first passport. What a fun thought.

Well, sweet thing, we’re out here loving you and counting the days until you make your big entrance into the world.

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