Dear Violet…

Dear Violet,

A really neat thing happened last night- something worth jotting down.

For the first time, you seemed to recognized the book “Oh Baby, The Places You’ll Go.” You were kicking like crazy when I read it to you, and you even acted a bit peeved when a phone call briefly interrupted our story time. I’ve been reading it to you for months now, but last night was the first time you got noticeably excited about it. I wonder if you’ll recognize the books wee read to you once you become an outside baby? I can’t wait to find out!

Also, you seem to enjoy the belly poking game I’ve been playing with you. A couple times a day, I will poke my belly once on one side, then twice on the other. Immediately after, you will punch/kick back three times. I hope you don’t mind all the poking, because I sure do enjoy our interactions.

Can you believe that today is the start of our third trimester? I can’t. We’re 2/3rds of the way there, baby! Your dad informed me that you are currently the size of a pot roast, which I think is a hilarious mental image. Our little pot roast!

Well, I’m off to get a pretty little lamp for your nursery today. Maybe a rug too. Your room is almost done, which is very exciting! All that’s left is a few random decorative accents. Well, that and a crib mattress! Minor detail. You’ll probably sleep in our room for the first couple months, so that’s not a huge priority yet. 😛

Alright precious, mama’s got to go blow dry her hair. As much as I dislike such tasks, I’m trying to enjoy them as much as possible. Who knows if I’ll even have time to do my hair once you get here! I sure hope so, because this girl’s hair is a hot mess if it doesn’t get flat ironed at least twice a week. Ahh, someday you’ll understand.

Your dad and I love you bunches!

{xo, mom}

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