Dear Violet…

Dear Violet,

A really neat thing happened last night- something worth jotting down.

For the first time, you seemed to recognized the book “Oh Baby, The Places You’ll Go.” You were kicking like crazy when I read it to you, and you even acted a bit peeved when a phone call briefly interrupted our story time. I’ve been reading it to you for months now, but last night was the first time you got noticeably excited about it. I wonder if you’ll recognize the books wee read to you once you become an outside baby? I can’t wait to find out!

Also, you seem to enjoy the belly poking game I’ve been playing with you. A couple times a day, I will poke my belly once on one side, then twice on the other. Immediately after, you will punch/kick back three times. I hope you don’t mind all the poking, because I sure do enjoy our interactions.

Can you believe that today is the start of our third trimester? I can’t. We’re 2/3rds of the way there, baby! Your dad informed me that you are currently the size of a pot roast, which I think is a hilarious mental image. Our little pot roast!

Well, I’m off to get a pretty little lamp for your nursery today. Maybe a rug too. Your room is almost done, which is very exciting! All that’s left is a few random decorative accents. Well, that and a crib mattress! Minor detail. You’ll probably sleep in our room for the first couple months, so that’s not a huge priority yet. 😛

Alright precious, mama’s got to go blow dry her hair. As much as I dislike such tasks, I’m trying to enjoy them as much as possible. Who knows if I’ll even have time to do my hair once you get here! I sure hope so, because this girl’s hair is a hot mess if it doesn’t get flat ironed at least twice a week. Ahh, someday you’ll understand.

Your dad and I love you bunches!

{xo, mom}

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PS, baby…

Your dad and I have decided to save one of our old digital cameras for you. As soon as you’re big enough to start pressing that button, you can document the world as you see it.

We are so excited to collect your photography, and to look back at it as you get older. Fun, right?

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Dear Violet…

Dear little one,

Your dad said the cutest thing last night. While he was rubbing my belly “good night,” he called me a “good little incubator.” Pretty adorable. I figured someday that might make you laugh.

I heard your heart beat again today at my 26 week check-up. It’s nice and strong at about 140 beats/minute. Hope you’re having a good time in there, precious.

Only 98 more days until our due date! See you soon. ♥

Love you,

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Dear Violet…

Baby, it’s official- you kicked your mama in the ribs for the very first time today! Are you really that big already? Two nights ago, you kicked your dad right in the face while he was laying on my belly. You should have seen the look on his face. It was priceless. Ooh, and last night I’m pretty sure I felt your elbow poking through while you danced around after dinner. I hope you’re having fun in there!

Your dad and I can’t believe we only have 101 days left until your due date. These last few months have completely flown by. It’s fun to think that we’ve already taken you so many places- from San Francisco to visit your Grandma Debra & Grandpa Chris, to Sacramento for Jake & Disa’s wedding, to Idaho to visit your Grandma Cindy & Grandpa Cliff, to Japan for our first wedding anniversary. You are one well traveled fetus!

Don’t worry, we’ll take you lots of neat places once you get here, too. Our first big trip is already in the works. Your Grandma Cindy wants to celebrate your first birthday in Vancouver, British Columbia, which is such a beautiful place. I better start researching how to get you your first passport. What a fun thought.

Well, sweet thing, we’re out here loving you and counting the days until you make your big entrance into the world.

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Dear Violet…

Hey baby V. It’s a sunny, gorgeous day- one of this year’s most beautiful so far. I can’t wait to go on walks by the lake, listen to the birds sing, and enjoy the sunshine together. I think you’re really going to like it here.

Ooh, you just started kicking! Hi. :o)

I can’t wait to play dress-up and take goofy pictures with you.

{via ffffound}

I can’t wait to watch “Amelie” with you. Maybe then you’ll understand my passion for photo booths.

And last, but not least, I can’t wait to make you your first cupcake. That will be a day to remember!

Until next time… Love you bunches, little girl.

{xoxo, mom}

PS: We’re taking you to Japan next week! Baby’s first BIG trip. :o)

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